Airport hotels growing in appreciation

Staying with the airport made use of to become a hassle reserved only for early morning flights as well as dreaded overnight layover. But new evaluation from’s guest testimonials suggests airport hotels have remarkably exceeded expectations and have produced travelers reconsider staying at airport hotels.

“Travelers now are very influenced through the opinions of other individuals,” mentioned Taylor L. Cole, director of public relations for “…[M]ore often airport hotels are meeting and exceeding the desires of busy organization and leisure travelers who expect financial savings, amenities and also the comfort of an airport area.”

Information shows that airport stays are, on normal, 42% lower in price than downtown hotels, $75.50 per night versus $130.80 per night. Numerous airport hotels aim more the price savings by giving complimentary Wi-Fi and hot breakfast. On top of that, a lot of airport hotels are conveniently located inside of major cities, with simple access by way of subway, bus, shuttle or light-rail.

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